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Venting 1
Venting of bins, silos or hoppers that are filled by POSITIVE PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEMS normally does not require a suction fan, as the air flow is generated by a compressor or blower. 
The purpose of the filter is to allow the upward air flow to escape while capturing the dust particles, preventing them from spreading in the atmosphere.
WAM®AIR offers specialised venting filters such as SILOTOP ZERO, WAMFLO Vibrated, DUSTSHAKE, HOPPERTOP, HOPPERJET, WAMFLO Food, WAMFLO ATEX, and WAMAIR ATEX. Each one perfectly fits a specific industry and application.
There are also configurable models such as WAMFLO and WAMAIR, which are designed for virtually all other applications.

Plant Layout

Specific Products

Dust Filters
WAMFLO - Flanged Round Dust Collectors Tens of thousands of reasons to choose one from this range.
WAMAIR - Flanged Polygonal Dust Collectors Intelligent Solutions to Dust Issues of All Kinds
HOPPERJET - Hopper Venting Filters High efficiency hopper venting
DUSTSHAKE R03 - Polygonal Silo Venting Filter with Shaker Cleaning Economical Dedusting Solution in Absence of Compressed Air
WAMFLO Food - Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors Cutting Edge Food-Grade Dust Collectors EC 1935/2004-certified
SILOTOP ZERO - Silo Venting Filters Excellence in Silo Venting
WAMFLO ATEX - Flanged Round Dust Collectors ATEX-certified The smart solution for potentially explosive atmospheres
WAMFLO Vibrated
WAMFLO Vibrated - Silo Venting Filters with Vibration Cleaning Easy Bin or Silo Venting Without Compressed Air
WAMAIR ATEX - Flanged Polygonal Dust Collectors ATEX-certified Versatile compact dedusting solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres



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